Richard S. Rabbin

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  • Property, Support and Custody Issues
  • Modifications post-divorce
  • Marital Settlement Agreement issues
Richard S. (Rick) Rabbin, Family Law Specialist

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Richard “Rick” Rabbin has been a practicing attorney in California for 40 years. He is also the author of the book, “DIVORCE WITH SANITY: A Practical Guide to Divorce with Dignity, Self-Respect, and Cooperation.”

Rick has dedicated the past 26 years to the exclusive practice of family law litigation and mediation. He has been a mediator in California and Oregon. While in Oregon, he lobbied for legislation to change the divorce laws to include mandatory disclosure of income, assets and debts and to implement a mediation program as an alternative to divorce litigation. He was the founder of the Portland Mediation Center providing family law mediation services.

Rick has been a participant in and supporter of collaborative law dedicated to the elimination of rancor in contested divorce proceedings. This innovative approach seeks to terminate a marriage contract in such a way that alleviates the unnecessary anxiety and suffering that often results during this most difficult life transition.

As past president of the Ventura County Bar Association Family Law Section, he has organized many continuing education services for his fellow lawyers in the field of family law. He has served as a Ventura County Superior Court Judge Pro Tem in the Family Law Courts.

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