Settlement Bridge The Settlement Bridge is a customized service to help resolve negotiations that have stalled. Our experienced, industry-expert mediators work with both sides – typically in insurance disputes – to reach a settlement now. We charge an all-inclusive flat fee. All negotiations are by phone or email, and we can start immediately. Our goal is settlement within 30 days, and to save you from the expense and hassle of litigation. Call, email, or visit to learn more.

“Where the heart is willing it will find a thousand ways, but where it is unwilling it will find a thousand excuses.” – An ancient proverb

If you’re an attorney or already familiar with mediation services, then you’re probably ready to schedule a mediation with us. Please call us at 805-541-5900 or email us.

If you’re new to mediation services, we welcome you to our website and invite you to read a little more about how we can help you. To learn more, check out Mediation or Arbitration? or the benefits of Early Mediation. When you’re ready, simply call us at 805-541-5900 or email us.

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